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DayZ Rules

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Character name rules

  • No Racist names
  • No Homophobic names (names including, Fag, Gay, Dyke etc)
  • No Anti-religious names
  • No Terrorism related names (including serial killers, terrorists, active shooters)
  • No rape related names (including rapists, use of the word rape etc)

Names teetering on the edge of these rules will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Global Chat Rules

  • No flaming
  • Do not abuse other players or groups
  • DO not be racist.homophobic or sexist
  • No form of harassment will be tolerated
  • You must respect all staff members
  • Respect each other and be civil

SafeZone Rules

  • The Trader SafeZone distance is 500m from the center of the Trader
  • Engaging in combat with players who are clearly running in or out of the Trader Safezone is not allowed, this includes players even if they are not within the 500m of the traders. There is a grace period for players of around 300m past the 500m SafeZone that they should not be killed if they are CLEARLY heading into or out of the SafeZone. Players must not abuse this grace period in any way, and if found doing so will be punished themselves.
  • If a players intention is to leave or enter the SafeZone you must do so imminently without loitering around the edge of the SafeZone for any reason. You will NOT Be protected by the SafeZone rules if you are clearly sitting in them or playing around them for your advantage. Some examples of this include; Clearly aiming at players outside or close to the SafeZone, scouting PVP that is happening outside of the SafeZone grace period & abusing/egging on players while at the edge of the SafeZone.
  • Burying Your backpack/stash of rubles inside of the SafeZone radius is fine. But players are allowed to dig up/steal these items. If you decide to have something like this inside of the SafeZone to store your items then that is on you, and you will not be compensated for loss of items if stolen.
  • Building in the perimeter of the trader - 1500 meters in every direction of the trader. If a base is in a legal spot but is also seen to have an 'Addition'(Watch towers etc..) to look into or around the SafeZone radius then the addition will be removed without warning.
  • Don't be a 'Troll'. Having a good time is clearly encouraged but be wary that your actions do not cause harm to other players also in the SafeZone, this can include being overly loud, spamming music and just generally being an annoyance to other players.
  • Shooting around or near the SafeZone in an attempt to 'Bait' players to your position for PVP or any reason is not allowed and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis
  • Stealing - You are not permitted to steal any items from players under any circumstance, this includes out of players cars/dropped items and basically any case that would be considered taking something that isn't yours.
  • Combating evading into the SafeZone is not allowed. 'Combat evading' is the act of fleeing into a SafeZone for your own protection while engaged in proper legal combat. Players found doing this will be punished. You must wait a minimum of 3 minutes while being out of combat before you are allowed to enter the SafeZone

Base Raiding Rules

  • Base Raiding is Allowed
  • Do not build floating objects that you would not be able to build in real life. An example of this would be building two floors out from a roof with no support, this would normally collapse.
  • You are not allowed to build or place any objects in order to gain an advantage to raid a base. Raiding must strictly done without building or placing any objects to get into a base or get an advantageous position to raid a base from.
  • Do not 'Alt' Look or 'Third Person Glitch' to try and get behind the object to dismantle it. This is considered exploiting.
  • Do not 'Car glitch' to get into or behind a base/wall. This is considered exploiting.
  • Player boosting is considered a 'Legal' maneuver to get yourself into a better position to raid
  • Do not block an entrance into another players base. Anything seen as 'Griefing' will be reviewed by admins on a case-to-case basis
  • If you are raiding a base and need to log off, you must do it outside of the base if you have a clear exit, staying inside of the base and continuing to troll it days after the initial raid will be seen as trolling and you will be punished. If your intention is to take over the base and use it for yourself you must complete this in one go and own the majority of the base.

Base Rules

  • No comp for tent misplacing inside your own base. Place them correctly so you can pack them/pick them up.
  • No comp for gate misplacing. Stack them at your own risk
  • Bases near Safezones/Traders - Bases are allowed to be built near Traders but they must be a minimum of 1500METRES away from the trader in every direction
  • Bases near military spawns - Bases are allowed to be built around military spawns but they must be a minimum of 500METRES away from large military bases. These "large" military bases include; VMC, NWAF, Balota, Tisy, Myshkino, Bashyna, Prison Island, NEAF & Pavlovo.
  • Exploit Bases - Anyone caught building exploit bases will have their base(s) deleted and will be punished accordingly. The only accepted forms of entering a base is through base raiding equipment such as sledgehammers, C4, crowbards and hatchets.
  • No forms of building are accepted when raiding a base, however playerboosting without the need to use buildables is accepted.
  • Building in towns - Building in towns is acceptable
  • Base comp - Persistence is currently an issue that DayZ is facing, any bases that "disappear" will not be compensated, however if you lose gear that was inside of the base you will be compensated. [Evidence must be provided with a timestamp]
  • If your base is in a legal spot, but can also see into a military/safezone area do not build yourself an advantage to shoot into or pvp around this area. Your base will be removed if you break this rule.
  • You must not block of ANY entrances into your base with immovable objects, this includes tents or any other item that cannot be raided from the outside. This includes blocking off windows or anything that could be seen as a way in.


Admin Discretion

  • All rules and situations cannot possibly have a clear example. Admin Discretion can happen on a case by case basis.


General Rules

  • Be respectful to fellow community members
  • No Duping/exploiting
  • No Cheating/hacking
  • Do not harass other players out of game
  • Do not DDoS/Dox anyone or anything related to 1SKGaming
  • Do no threaten to DDoS/Dox anyone or anything related to 1SKGaming
  • Be respectful to staff members
  • Do not combat log

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