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  • Your In-Game Name and Steam64 ID (find it here: : 76561198127146171
  • How old are you? 17
  • How long have you been apart of our community? 1 year.
  • How many hours do you currently have on DayZ? 1,755 hours in dayz.
  • How long have you been active on our DayZ server for? pretty much every day
  • How active are you per week? I am as active as possible. 
  • Do you have any previous experience as a staff member for a community? If so please go in depth: Mod on a few servers for csgo surf.
  • Why do you want to be a staff member? I have been apart of this community for a long time now and I want to help out in the community. 
  • Do you have a thorough understanding of our community rules, as well as the rules for your selected server? Yes, I thorough understanding of all the rules. 
  • Tell us abit about yourself: I am a 17 year old who is currently doing a Certificate 3 in Electrotechnology and I play dayz in my free time. 
  • Any other notes you would like to add: Thanks for the opportunity of letting me to apply for admin :) 

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Hello aggo,

I've read through your staff application but unfortunately we can't take you on at this time. Feel free to re-apply next time a position is available and announced on the discord. Thanks,


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