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Ban Appeal

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  • steam64 ID: 76561198405126836
  • Steam account link:
  • In-Game/Discord Name or #: xd Joker#4367
  • Server you are banned on (DayZ, FiveM, Discord): Discord and Dayz
  • Ban message (This will appear when you attempt to join the server: Banned by wydox: reason: Grow Up
  • Admin/Mod who banned you: Wydox
  • How long is your ban: Perm? maybe not really sure
  • Do you feel your ban is unfair/unjustified? (yes/no): Not really
  • Why do you think you should be unbanned? I was being immature and i know it wasn't really the best time to say it but i meant no harm would love to be let back onto the server as im really enjoying my time on it

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