Diego Rodrìguez 23/11

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First name:


Last name:




Discord ID(Name#4444):




Tell us about yourself(RP) 200 words minimum:

My name is Dr. Diego Ramirez, I am 26 years old and I recently left the Mafia life behind. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and eventually migrated to the United States at the age of 13 with both my Italian immigrant parents. Throughout my life I have learnt many important life lessons and skills, I have learnt proper discipline, and how to be a hard worker. I was haunted from a very young age by the ghost of my great aunt Maria just like out of the conjuring, I have seen many dark things throughout my life thus preparing me for any situation.  Some of my hobbies include analyzing dead bodies, mending bullet wounds and heroin. I have done some very bad things in my life and I am finally prepared to make a change and help the community. Ever since I moved to Los Santos I fell in love with the people and places and strive to keep everyone safe, so I decided to go to university to study Biomedical Science, after graduating and receiving my Diploma I am ready to put my newly learned skills to work as a Paramedic for the 1SK hospital. I have came to the decision that this city needs more paramedics after all the bloodshed I have seen around the city little has been done to save the injured and needy.

Why do you want to join the EMS fopr and what do you think you can bring to the force? 100 words minimum:

(RP)I have a lot of experience as a Paramedic due to my previous jobs working in the EMS all around New Zealand, Australia and the States, I have a lot of experience patching up injured patients and and basically a professional at weaving through traffic at high speeds. All of my skills that I have acquired from my 26 years of experience will come in handy when working as a Paramedic, these include a vast knowledge of the human anatomy and significant understanding of the streets of Los Santos.
(RL) I previously played on the 1SK FiveM server and was accepted into the Police department, EMS and belonged to the Mafia led by Chad, I spent many hours across many months of playing this server and have gotten to love GTA RP. I have plenty of experience with how being a Paramedic in the EMS, I am basically now a veteran and know my way in and out of the Hospital, hopefully if most of the EMS systems are similar to how they worked previously I will be able to help train new employees.

I Diego Ramirez agree that the information I have provided is legitimate and current, any incorrect and false information I have provided may result in the termination of my application at any time.

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Congrats you have been accepted to join the EMS!

You will be added to a discord channel soon, please wait for more info.

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