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1SK Metro police application


Welcome to the application process for joining the metropolitan police force.

Please fill out the details below, create a new topic and use the format

below as the title.

Please note applicants must be 16+, any lying of age will result in immediate denial.


 Rory Unsworth/8/11


First name: Rory

Last name: Unsworth

Age(RL): 17

Discord ID(Name#4444): -Rory-#4974

Steam64ID: STEAM_0:0:442372810

Tell us about yourself(RP) 200 words minimum: I am a russian man who has been living in LA for around 10 years so i've lost my accent, I grew up in the mother land where my dad was a russian soldier so i never saw him around much which was the main reason for my depression at a young age. Since my father made his life surround his work as a soldier for the mother land i thought i'd do the same just in a different country so I thought whats not better than LA so i moved here when i was 23 and ever since been looking for a job as a police officer so i can server a country that i'm proud to call home. My mother was the main parent that looked after me well if you could call it that most of the time she would just drink her self to sleep which meant i had to defend for my self. I was more of a parent than my actual parents most of the time doesn't mean i didn't love them though. Now in LA i've got a nice apartment with a nice little pug and a beautiful wife which is better than i could ever ask for. I'm always open to what the future can bring.

Why do you want to join the Metro PD and what do you think you can bring to the force? 100 words minimum:

I would love to join the police for so that I can make my father who worked as a soldier for russia happy, make him believe im worth something to people. and the fact that if i get this job i'll be able to save people and put the criminals off the streets which i believe will fill the hole that has been in my heart for a very long time. Im a hard worker and when i set my mind to things you can be sure that it'll be done on time whenever. I believe that i could also put good suggestions to make the PD a better place for everyone if that is if its not perfect already. Rory Unsworth -Application- 

I (Rory Unsworth) agree that the information I have provided is legitimate and current, any incorrect and false information I have provided may result in the termination of my application at any time.


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Thank you for applying for the Los Santos Police Department.

You have been Accepted!

Please wait for a reply in the coming days for a time and date to bring you into the voice channels for a chat and what's to be expected.


regards Palmer


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