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Hank Barlow/5/11


First name:Jonnah

Last name:Moore

Age(RL): 19

Discord ID(Name#4444):Rift_Walker#1708


Tell us about yourself(RP) 200 words minimum: My name is Hank Barlow, i grew up in the city but at a young age i had both my parents torn away from me in a gang crossfire; i was orphaned and the nights were long, cold and lonely, the orphanage brought nothing but pain and abuse, i ran. Ever since i had to fight for everything i had and everything i wanted, i would stop at nothing to bring justice to my parents. Growing up i lived on the streets, taught by street ruffians, outlaws and eventually the higher ups; on my journey to find the killers i came into contact with the wrong kind of people, i was caught up in gang internal affairs. Years past and i recieved intel, a name and a location; i pleaded to police to take action but to no avail. By chance the killers were shot dead in a trafficking ring bust, at long last they were brought to the light and the evil vanquishged from the world. I Hank Barlow, freed from the turmoil and endless nightmares. Years later, i now own a home of my own with a loving wife and two faithful childred. peace.  

Why do you want to join the Metro PD and what do you think you can bring to the force? 100 words minimum: I wish to join Metro PD because i feel a need to better the world and help bring down the scum that lurk in the shadows of our lovely city, i want to rise to the top and eventually be in a task force dedicated to the bringing of justice, peace and law. I think i can bring grit, dedication, and hard work to the force, i am willing to take on new tasks and help those around me to acieve their goal;s and better themselves.


I (Jonnah Moore) agree that the information I have provided is legitimate and current, any incorrect and false information I have provided may result in the termination of my application at any time.

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Thank you for applying for the Los Santos Police Department.

You have been Accepted!

Please wait for a reply in the coming days for a time and date to bring you into the voice channels for a chat and what's to be expected.


regards Palmer


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