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  1. Your In-Game Name and Steam64 ID (find it here: : Clint Reaver, Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:148362502 How old are you? 16 How long have you been apart of our community? Around 3 months How many hours do you currently have on DayZ? almost 400 (392) How long have you been active on our DayZ server for? about 1 week I would say but i have been here just not as active How active are you per week? Really active i will get on at 4pm and get off at 2amish The time is correlating to Pacific Standard Do you have any previous experience as a staff member for a community? If so please go in depth: Yes i have been a Gmod head admin for 1 year then a moderator for another 6 months and now i have been an admin since august Why do you want to be a staff member? To make shure the server gets all the help it needs no matter what time it is or how many admins are on Do you have a thorough understanding of our community rules, as well as the rules for your selected server? Yes Tell us abit about yourself: I'm american and like guns, i have a shotgun next to my desk and i love my guns and america Any other notes you would like to add: I vape and have a friend called kyle. And i can say cu*t since I have been indoctrinated into Australia but Australians