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  1. Your In-Game Name and Steam64 ID: IGN: champ / Steam64 ID: 76561197993513069 How old are you? 28 How long have you been apart of our community? Have been playing almost nightly for a few months now, joined discord 26/11. How many hours do you currently have on DayZ? 416 for standalone, about 150 for Arma2 DayZ. How long have you been active on our DayZ server for? 300+ hours How active are you per week? Very, 10+ hours most days. Do you have any previous experience as a staff member for a community? If so please go in depth: Not on an administrators level, but have been in a few clans for various games over the years. Most notably CoD4 and Americas Army. I was an original member and co-founder of the CoD4 clan Steel Rain and active for a few years while we regularly competed in Gamearena and Promod ladders. I also was a scout for new members. Why do you want to be a staff member? To help moderate with discretion and help out within the community to maintain a fun and fair server. Do you have a thorough understanding of our community rules, as well as the rules for your selected server? Yes, have read and understand all the rules. Tell us a bit about yourself: Ex-house painter currently taking some time off work due to some health issues and would like to put my time towards something productive during the time being. Have been an avid gamer since I could work my hands and play everything under the sun, most regularly DayZ right now. Nuts about cars and computers and have been thoroughly enjoying the 1SK servers. Any other notes you would like to add: Not really, think I've covered most of it 🙂