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  1. Your In-Game Name and Steam64 ID (find it here: : 76561198323835746 How old are you? 19 Years old How long have you been apart of our community? 8 months, My mate invited me to the server for DayZ, then you announced Five M and then that caught my attention. How many hours do you currently have on Five M? 304hrs How long have you been active on our Five M server for? Everyday it was up, i was on it all the time. How active are you per week? All week I am active. Feels like i don't have a life really Do you have any previous experience as a staff member for a community? If so please go in depth: No, Just admin on my mates server that's about it Why do you want to be a staff member? Why I want to be staff member for 1SK Five M. I believe there is a lot to help within the 1SK Five M community, I am active all day everyday and would be willing to help as many people as possible in game and in the discord, Even if I don't understand the issue they are asking I would do everything in my power to help them to the best of my abilities. Do you have a thorough understanding of our community rules, as well as the rules for your selected server? Yes I do Tell us a bit about yourself: I enjoy Talking to people and Playing Video Games. There isn't really much to say about me. Talk to me and find out more. Any other notes you would like to add: This isn't the best Application but its like 5:34am in the morning and its probably the best I can do
  2. +1 Would like to see player owned businesses aswell
  3. +1 Hary to get Mod on Five M, He Helps out the community and the new players everytime they join the server, he is one of the most active players on the 1sk FiveM... ❤️ hope you get it mate, ill back you the whole way ❤️
  4. RP NAME/DATE: Sam Jordan First name: Last name: Discord ID(Name#4444): Sleqr.#5145 Steam64ID: STEAM_0:0:181785009 Tell us about yourself(RP): Hello, My RP name is Sam Jordan, I love to be independant but love to make friends with people. i love where i live in Sandy Shores. i dont wanna make a family as i wanna make a successful career on the police force. Friends and Family make the best of me. Are you looking to join BCSO or SAHP branch?: SAHP Why do you want to join the county office and what do you think you can bring to the department?: I have wanted to join the county office for ages but looking for the right server to join it in, i love everything a cop does and i wanna get a great partner to spend my cop days with. i would bring confidence and pride to be a proud cop in the SAHP. i will bring a smile to the civs faces and would like to focus on the law and make the County great again I Liam Mockett agree that the information I have provided is legitimate and current, any incorrect and false information I have provided may result in the termination of my application at any time. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope i get to join the force