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    DayZ Changelog 12/01/2020 Basically cleared up the trader a bit, any items that weren't buyable have been fixed / removed. Arma 2 Weapons, mags and attachments have been removed too. Mods removed for stability & compatibility issues. Removed: ARMA 2 Weapon Expansion - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1793351435 Removed: PsychoDayZ Vehicle Expansion - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1930123141 Removed: Trader prices and loot table spawns for ARMA 2 Weapons & Vehicle Expansion Changed: Breaching Charges can both be sold at both traders, you will get 20k more at spec ops trader This will be implemented next server restart.
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    Steam64 ID: STEAM_0:1:53702846 Steam account link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/loadingm8/ In-Game/Discord Name or #: IG: Poontang Disc: Loading... Server you are banned on (DayZ, FiveM, Discord): DayZ AU-1 Ban message (This will appear when you attempt to join the server: (Larko Hacking - Perm [Global Ban] Admin/Mod who banned you: Larko How long is your ban: Permanent Do you feel your ban is unfair/unjustified? (yes/no): No Why do you think you should be unbanned? I was not hacking and have never hacked in a video game before. I play this server fairly regularly, there is no evidence that I or Matt have hacked. Would appreciate if we could discuss this over voice chat.
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    First name:Dan Last name: Smith Age(RL): 15 Discord ID(Name#4444):BrotherFlamingo#8012 Steam64ID: 76561198859817153 Tell us about yourself(RP) 200 words minimum: Hey my name is Dan Smith i am 25 years old, i used to work with one of my family member every day of the week from about 9 am to 6 pm the job was just stacking shelf's, one day when i was working there was this one guy in the store with his kids and his wife but he suddenly stopped and fell to the ground and started to have a seizure so i quickly ran over to them and i tried to help them out so what i did was i put him in to the resting position and made sure that his head was not hitting the ground and all luckily he was alright thats what the doctors said they said if it wasn't for me he could have died then on after that day i thought to myself that i wanted to become a doctor/Ems so from then on i started to study reading books 24/7 and practicing once i thought i got really good at it i decided to go to a medical doctor school and get help from there i have been there for about 2 years and i finished the doctor training and from that day on words i have been trying to look and apply for EMS so i hope you end up getting this application and i reckon i could bring my fast working hands and my kind helping heart to save peoples lives I (Dan Smith) agree that the information I have provided is legitimate and current, any incorrect and false information I have provided may result in the termination of my application at any time.
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    Please copy and paste the template below in your own thread to submit your application. --Start-- Your In-Game Name and Steam64 ID (find it here: https://steamid.io/lookup) : How old are you? How long have you been apart of our community? How many hours do you currently have on Ark? How long have you been active on our Ark server for? How active are you per week? Do you have any previous experience as a staff member for a community? If so please go in depth: Why do you want to be a staff member? Do you have a thorough understanding of our community rules, as well as the rules for your selected server? Tell us abit about yourself: Any other notes you would like to add: --End-- Thank you for applying to be a staff member, we will get back to you about your application ASAP.