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    • Hey guys, im not sure if you are still looking into it but if u could reply to this that would be cool so this situation can be sorted out. If you guys want, i would love to vc 😉 as i feel like it would allow us to go through my pov alot easier. Thanks.
    • Steam64 ID: 76561198081430169 Steam account link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081430169 In-Game/Discord Name or #: Samisk Server you are banned on (DayZ, FiveM, Discord): Dayz Ban message (This will appear when you attempt to join the server): Exploiting Admin/Mod who banned you: Spraahz How long is your ban: 7 days Do you feel your ban is unfair/unjustified? (yes/no): Yes Why do you think you should be unbanned? Yes, the youtube clip shows a squadmate with a suppressed cs5 shooting up from the bar. the muzzle flashes and bullet impacts come from below. the mp4 file that was used shows someone else just logging in and seeing someone inside the building, in a spot you can access with the normal staircase. its just the upstairs room in the corner. the mp4. shows nothing of use to the ban appeal. the youtube clip just shows bullets coming from below in the bar shooting at where proximity chat is coming from aswell. i also have a thing made to show the time stamps to prove i wasnt at the base aswell because both Humble and I killed eachother.
    • @PieManNZ make a ticket on the discord
    • Hiya, When i look at bans i also look at the intention behind them.  After being banned this was scottys ticket he made, he wasn't apologetic at all. https://gyazo.com/ed12fe7558631d96fd6b6a24b7cc9d0d Looking at the attitude given there, if that's the sort of person you prefer to play with i'm going to assume your attitude to following rules is not much different and you wouldn't have stopped him from doing the exploit. Sorry mate, please wait out your ban Denied.
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